This product from the Center for Sustaining Ag and Natural Resources (CSANR) at Washington State University, is a result of funding from the Northwest Climate Hub and USDA NIFA's Regional Approaches to Climate Change (REACHH) project. We would also like to acknowledge John Abatzoglou and Katherine Hegewisch from University of Idaho for the climate data.

Here, you can visualize climate data from an agricultural prespective. This prototype is currently for agricultural areas in the Columbia River Basin. Select your locaton and crop of interest, and view historical climate, future climate projections, and seasonal climate forecasts in terms of temperature, precipitation, growing season, growing degree day accumulation, and heat/frost risk outlooks. You can visualize relevant historical crop yield statistics and analogs of growing conditions. You will also find case studies on how changes in climate can affect various aspect of agriculture in the region.

This is a protype tool under development. We hope to improve the interface, and add more case studies, and look forward to comments/feedback from you. You can reach us at

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This online tool is primarily the result of efforts of the following people at Washington State University:

      Kirti Rajagopalan (CSANR)
      Nicholas Potter (School of Economic Science)
      Trevor Mozingo (School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Computer Science Senior Design Project Team:

      Austin Schorsch
      Des Marks
      Michael Antosz
      Trevor Mozingo

Other people involved in shaping the current and upcoming content include:

      Chad Kruger (CSANR)
      Tim Ewing (CSANR)
      Von Walden (Department of Civil Engineering)
      Vincent Jones (Tree Fruit Research Center)
      Michael Brady (School of Economic Sciences)
      Claudio Stockle (Department of Biological Systems Engineering)
      Sepid Mazrouee (School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

This is a prototype tool under development. We look forward to comments and feedback from you. You can reach us at